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  • My MeanMachine

    My first submission. :kez_15:

    I hope you like my new build and I enjoyed building it. I am pretty meticulous when it comes to assembly. I always pre-bench the MB to save any heartaches after completion. I took a pic on my first boot and bingo she came to life.
    I have spent a few days Tweaking and have a stable clock @5.2 GHz.

    I am not one who favors consistent overclocks as I feel more comfortable with a powerful but stable system.

    Anyhow I hope you like her.

    As yet I'm not sure how to embed my pics so all my photos are in my album and can be viewed there.

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    Looks awesome, got my 750D a few weeks ago just haven't updated the pics in album yet lol

    I'll see if I can get ur pics added as well


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      You gota Moveit Moveit. Done any Benchies yet? I got my scores up at ROG and I must say, Not too shabby for my first attempt lol.