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    My MeanMachine

    My first submission. :kez_15:

    I hope you like my new build and I enjoyed building it. I am pretty meticulous when it comes to assembly. I always pre-bench the MB to save any heartaches after completion. I took a pic on my first boot and bingo she came to life.
    I have spent a few days Tweaking and have a stable clock @5.2 GHz.

    I am not one who favors consistent overclocks as I feel more comfortable with a powerful but stable system.

    Anyhow I hope you like her.

    As yet I'm not sure how to embed my pics so all my photos are in my album and can be viewed there.

    Looks awesome, got my 750D a few weeks ago just haven't updated the pics in album yet lol

    I'll see if I can get ur pics added as well


      You gota Moveit Moveit. Done any Benchies yet? I got my scores up at ROG and I must say, Not too shabby for my first attempt lol.