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  • Razer Blue By The Bull

    A Blue adaption on my Razer theme.
    I give you:

    Razer Blue Preview_900x563.jpg

    ../ THEME INCLUDES \..

    * SFX Theme Installer.
    * Fonts. ( Install before running theme. Instructions included)
    * All Resources needed for Theme Resource Changer.
    ( explorer.exe folder has the start orbs )
    ( explorerframe.dll folder has the navigation buttons )
    ( shell32.dll folder has the Control Panel side panel images )
    * Sound Scheme. ( Auto runs with theme )
    * Charged cursor pack by ~ jacksmafia ( Auto runs withtheme )
    * Desktop icons. ( Auto runs with theme )
    * 3 X Razer red wallpapers.

    ../ SYSTEM FILES \..

    * Theme Xtreme Starter Kit. ( Required to run custom themes, patch explorerframe.dll, plus installing TRC )
    * explorerframe.dll UIfile for extra Explorer window image. ( See IMPORTANT Note below )
    * shellbrd.dll image. ( System Properties Branding Logo )
    * system.cpl image. ( System Properties Genuine Logo )
    * timedate.cpl images. ( Matching Clock images )
    * WinSATAPI.dll images. ( Matching icon behind the Windows Experience Index (WEI) score )
    * PerfCenterCPL.dll mod. ( To remove the white background behind the WEI )
    * Matching OEM logo & Changer. ( System Properties OEM Logo )

    ../ EXTRAS \..

    * Logon & Logon editor.
    * Winrar theme.
    * Rocketdock skin.
    * Dock Icons from the Mechanism set made by ~ Icebabee
    * Center Taskbar icons .txt file.
    * Black Glass Enhanced. ( For glass effect in your main Explorer window )
    * Moo0 TransparentMenu v1.20 Installer. ( For transparent Start menu, and right click context menu's )
    * TaskbarBlurToggle .exe ( For Taskbar Glass )
    * MacType. ( Helps render hard to read text in dark themes )

    The Icons I used for the dock are ' Mechanism '. Credit ~ Icebabee 7Sets_(EASY)_900x253.gif

    * Credits *
    Credit to Razorsedge for I used and edited some of his Rise of the Primes theme's images.

    * Copyright *
    Razer Logo © Razer Inc.

    * Theme Xtreme Starter Kit * by ~ gsw953

    The Starter Kit will patch system files to enable custom themes,
    Install Theme Resource Changer to enable the extra resources such as the explorer.exe, explorerframe.dll, and shell32.dll images,
    And it will patch the UIfile in the explorerframe.dll to enable the extra Explorer Window image.

    A patched explorerframe.dll is required to have the extra image appear in the main explorer window.
    I included the explorerframe patcher by gsw953 as one option.
    (If you have NOT utilized the starter kit, AND do not already have a patched explorerframe.dll)
    There are two methods available to patch the explorerfram.dll, and the .txt Instructions are in the included Extras folder.


    The SFX Installer will also Automatically start this visual style after extraction.
    If you do not wish to use this method, the normal folder & .theme file is included
    and you can always install/run this manually.

    Forum content is currently locked to all Rookie members.

    All you need is 10 post's and you may download all you like!
    Click on the banner to see all the details.
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    Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

    This theme is cool thanks @TheBull
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      Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

      That's what I'm talking about..
      We needed this in blue like yesterday...

      Great classic style Pierre, nailed this one right one!!!

      I am dumas kraker


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        Re: Razer Blue By The Bull
        Thanks TheBull
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          Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

          thank you all master this is great theme

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            Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

            Nice job, thank you for sharing!
            If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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              Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

              awesome mate ty for sharing :good2:

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                Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                Cool blue, looking very beautiful Thanks.


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                  Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                  This is one sexy theme brotha, i love the style in this theme, and i bet people are gonne love more colors :D
                  Thanks for sharing my friend :)

                  BTW: Hope everything is going okai over there, have a great one my friend :)

                  Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

                  If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)


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                    Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                    Razer Green is one of my fav themes and that blue version is stunning too


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                      Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                      Another masterpiece from a great artist here


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                        Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                        You are an artist..


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                          Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                          Thanks TheBull, this is really great theme looking. Thanks for your hard work.


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                            Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                            Cool, thanks friend! Great job ! :good2:
                            Sig разработан cybacreep.

                            Спасибо Джон ...


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                              Re: Razer Blue By The Bull

                              Sweet theme