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Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

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  • Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

    ~Purple Butterfly~
    -=-Windows 7 Theme-=-

    Purple Butterfly.jpg

    Special Thanks
    lahercoll for the use of his base HKS thanks mate..
    To my friend Vigoni for his Support..

    System files have to be patched to run custom themes,
    And most newer themes require the app 'Theme Resource Changer'.

    Our Theme Xtreme Starter Kit will do both, plus more.
    ( Click on the banner to see the topic. )

    ~Custom Installer~

    Extra's Have Been Added For Your Enjoyment And To Have a Complete
    Forum content is currently locked to all Rookie members.

    All you need is 10 post's and you may download all you like!
    Click on the banner to see all the details.

    Attached Files
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    Wow stunning my friend finally some work from you here.
    Waiting on the attachment lol.


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      This si just fantastic theme Charles my friend.
      Great addition to our win7 themes. I`m sure everyone will love it.


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        this is my wife's fav theme. your the man.:focus:

        "Building Dreams One Pixel At A Time"


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          Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

          Fantastic theme well done thanks for sharing


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            Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0



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              Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

              great!!! nice theme :D


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                Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                thank you
                very good and beautiful


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                  Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                  great work Charles thank you


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                    Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                    Muito bom gosto obrigado


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                      Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                      Originally posted by tucoso View Post
                      Muito bom gosto obrigado
                      Hello and welcome to MegaThemer,Please post your comments and replies in English only, or use an online tool such as Google Translate to render your posts into English. Thank you!


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                        Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                        good works thanks.
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                          Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                          Originally posted by Tensor View Post
                          LAST CHANCE

                          Posting long strings of letters or numbers in your replies is the same like Posting Rubbish, wasteful of Forum space, and looks very tacky! Please do not reply in this manner to a post here again or you may be BANNED! Keep your "Thank You"s simple and stop adding all the extra letters!
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                            Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                            i want to download this theme but show some problems in downloading/................................


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                              Re: Purple Butterfly by Sc0uT1.0

                              For giving me no choice i had to add a system to limit the downloads and to add the section MT Premium also to force the Hit and Runners to follow our golden rule to show respect towards the forum and our designers!

                              Hit and Runners are people who download as much as they can and disappear and most
                              of the time they just post/reply with a bunch of crap in our forum
                              just that they can download something.

                              So this will go as followed,

                              Junior Members---> 1 Download a day.

                              Once you have reached 10 posts on the forum Junior members will be automatically updated to
                              MT Member and the download limitation will be gone!

                              The rest of our active Members will not be affected by this system!

                              If you want more features then there is MT Premium and you can find all details in the link below.

                              MT Premium

                              Sig by Cybacreep