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Spirit Orange

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  • Spirit Orange

    Faizalotai Give me permission to upload


    Theme: Spirit By Faizalotai
    Theme Recolor By Lamia
    Cursor: Glass Maxx By basj
    Sound Scheme: Alienware By me (Taken From Series One Theme)

    System Properties Images
    System Clock Images
    ExplorerFrame Images
    7Tsp IconPack (Credit Mr Grim & Razersedge)

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    All you need is 10 post's and you may download all you like!
    Click on the banner to see all the details.
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    Re: Spirit Orange

    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing theme from awesome designer "Faizalotai":good2:


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      Re: Spirit Orange

      Thanks for sharing very cool theme :good2:


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        Re: Spirit Orange

        SWEET looking theme!!! Thank you for sharing with us!


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          Re: Spirit Orange

          Thanks for sharing

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            Re: Spirit Orange

            Thanks for sharing this amazing theme from Great designer "Faizalotai"

            Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler


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              Re: Spirit Orange

              thank you for great theme


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                Re: Spirit Orange

                Faizalotai thank you i was wondering could you email or link me the icons if posible please the icons you use in the start menu and task bar thanks again for your hard work and time


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                  Re: Spirit Orange

                  @faizalotai: @☣696☣

                  THX beloved Brothers - AWESOME THEME !!!


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                    Re: Spirit Orange

                    Very great theme! thanks!


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                      Re: Spirit Orange

                      Very neat looking theme, thanks:good2:


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                        Re: Spirit Orange

                        fantastic theme thanks for sharing

                        Sig by Cybacreep


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                          Re: Spirit Orange

                          Seen this stunning theme before thanks for sharing buddy and thank to faizalotai for giving his permission to share it here.


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                            Re: Spirit Orange

                            thanks for the share, another great theme here at megathemer

                            "Building Dreams One Pixel At A Time"


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                              Re: Spirit Orange

                              This is a must have for any serious themer here.

                              Thanks to Faizal for the awesome style and 696 plus LDC for their efforts also..

                              Join us at - -Click on logo..

                              Upload and share at our new YouTube channel - - Click on logo..