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Alienware HQ GREEN Windows 7 Theme! By Designfjotten

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    Alienware HQ GREEN Windows 7 Theme! By Designfjotten

    Alienware HQ GREEN Windows 7 Theme!

    Custom Clock Style
    Custom Branding Image
    Custom Genuine Badge
    Custom Wallpaper
    Custom Sounds
    Custom Rainmeter Skin
    Custom AIMP3 Skin
    And lots and lost of more goodies!

    First of all i wanna give a big thanks out to everyone that have helped me with this theme pack, man you guys have been real awsome, this theme would never have seen the light of day if it were not for you guy's, so thank you so so much! (The reason i do not type any names, is because i can't remember them all, and don't want anyone to feel left out)

    This theme actually started of as a pimped out Alienware 2.0 theme for myself really, but after i got some many positive comments and stuff after a screenie i posted of it, i decided to make another Theme Pack, And I have really been working hard on this pack, and i believe it is the best one i have done so far. This theme pack come in 3 colors, BLUE, GREEN, RED, and it might come some more colors in the future. This theme has a everyday style to it, witch meens that it will display properly in every application or program out there, and has a style that is stylish but easy on the eyes, wen working on your computer.

    This theme is packed with extras like: Rainmeter skin, Aimp Skin, RocketDock Skin, Custom Branding, and Genuine Badges, Custom Clock Style, and Custom Splash Screens for Adobe Programs.

    The Rainmeter skin is made to be used with the wallpaper that comes in the theme pack, wen you apply it also apply the layout that is included in the installer. (only fith resolution 1920/1080)

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    Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

    If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)

    Absolutely Stunning bro many thanks for the hard work & share!


      Another Great set of themes from the master.

      Sig by Cybacreep


        Awesome as awesome can be Remie ( Designfjotten ) .

        I can tell mega work went into these theme packs.. As with a fine wine, you keep getting better and better as you go..
        My desktop says thanks, and may your rep be blessed. image_10171.jpg

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        I am dumas kraker


          thanks,very very good bymagog
          may the force be with you ...


            thanks, i like better red works but this is very nice too


              Man, everyone I look at is better then the last! A18 continues to get great themes. You should make some Razer ones too!