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  • RainyDay

    I present you RainyDay theme

    10-05-2012 18-34-17.jpg

    10-05-2012 18-33-40.jpg

    10-05-2012 18-30-57.jpg

    In order for everything to work, you'll need:

    * Theme Xtreme Starter Kit * by ~ gsw953

    The Starter Kit will patch system files to enable custom themes,
    Install Theme Resource Changer to enable the extra resources such as the explorer.exe, explorerframe.dll, and shell32.dll images,
    And it will patch the UIfile in the explorerframe.dll to enable the extra Explorer Window image.

    If you already have system files patched and TRC installed/running, but need a patched explorerframe.dll,
    We have a new tool [HERE] that replaces the 'explorerframe.dll' with one that is patched to allow for images in Explorer's background.

    Pack includes:

    - Theme.
    - Custom start orb.
    - Custom navigation buttons.
    - Custom side panel images for System applet.

    Too add the theme, unzip the download, and add the 'CUSTOM THEME' folder and 'CUSTOM THEME.theme' file to-> %System Root%\Windows\Resources\Themes.
    (If your system root is on 'C' drive just drag the 2 items to the 'Themes' shortcut you see in the folder.)
    Then you can go to your desktop and right-click and choose Personalize. You will find it with the other themes you have and you just click on the theme file to load.

    Forum content is currently locked to all Rookie members.

    All you need is 10 post's and you may download all you like!
    Click on the banner to see all the details.
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    Re: RainyDay

    Awesome looking theme my friend thanks for sharing


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      Re: RainyDay

      Another really nice theme from you.
      Thank you for this great share.


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        Re: RainyDay

        awesome job on this one as well


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          Re: RainyDay

          :crazy-happy-smiiey:Nice looking theme ty for the share my friend

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            Re: RainyDay

            Great to see this on MT brother thanks for sharing!


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              Re: RainyDay

              Great looking theme, thanks my friend


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                Re: RainyDay

                This shows some serous talent my friend..
                Looks very complete, love it!
                Your Rep rating is going to start topping out after this beauty gets around!
                Thanks for the new theme addition today bud..


                Added to our news page [HERE], and did a few tweaks to the OP for ya..

                I am dumas kraker


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                  Re: RainyDay

                  Nice theme my friend, thank you for sharing!
                  If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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                    Re: RainyDay

                    that theme is very nice


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                      Re: RainyDay

                      Big thanks to all of you guys.

                      And special thanks to Jack for fixing OP for me. You rock mate.


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                        Re: RainyDay

                        thanks for sharing

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                          Re: RainyDay

                          This theme is beautiful!!!!! I just love the is so relaxing. Thank you for sharing this....Great Work :thank_you::clapping::good2:

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                            Re: RainyDay

                            I love this theme! But, it makes me want to pee! lol Great job on it!
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                              Re: RainyDay

                              Cool Theme!!:good2: