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Windows 7 theme ICS Red v2 by ~ gsw953

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  • Windows 7 theme ICS Red v2 by ~ gsw953

    With permission by Greg (gsw953), we now have an even hotter version of the original
    .: ICS Red v2 (Pimped) :.

    We have the original theme to start with; P1.jpg

    And I'm going to leave the original description by Greg in place as follows;

    First off I would like to thank freak69ize for coming up with the concept for this theme!
    This theme is based off the Android Ice Cream Sandwich theme John is currently using on his phone.

    I really like the way it looks so I will probably do a few more colors!

    Like all my recent themes,
    System files must be patched,
    & Theme Resource Changer is needed.

    MacType is recommended.
    And it can be run with Black Glass Enhanced.

    Includes new clock images to match the theme.
    Includes a matching skin for your wmp12. (Must have Windows updated to SP1)
    The Rainmeter skin used in the preview is My Stock Meters.
    Also I included a few icons I had made for the theme and the PS .asl file if anyone wants to make more.

    Instructions, credits and previews included.

    I used this theme so many times for screen shots.
    And along the way I kept pimping it up with more & more extras.
    So what we have now is an expanded version I want to share with everybody else!

    This version includes extra goodies like an edited .msstyle file that gives you the Android image in the start menu.
    I also added the red Android to the shell32.dll folder resources to pimp up the Control Panel side images.

    If your explorerframe is patched you will see our red Android buddy in the main Explorer window. 2Explorerframe1.jpg

    And, extra mods for the System properties window like;

    - A red MegaThemer Branding logo for the shellbrd.dll.
    - An ICS styled OEM logo.
    - An ICS styled 'Genuine' Badge image.
    - A red Windows Experience Index (WEI) Icon for the WinSATAPI.dll
    - And I removed the white background behind the WEI an edited PerfCenterCPL.dll

    And Oh!... I made an SFX Installer that will automatically place the theme folder & file in the proper Windows folder for you.
    - PLUS it will automatically start/run this theme.
    - Simply right click on the .exe and select Run as Administrator, accept the license agreement, select the Extract button and then the visual style should apply automatically.
    - If you do not wish to use this method, the normal folder & .theme file is included and you can always install/run this manually.


    .: Enjoy! :.

    System files have to be patched to run custom themes,
    And most newer themes require the app 'Theme Resource Changer'.

    Our Theme Xtreme Starter Kit will do both, plus more.
    ( Click on the banner to see the topic. )

    Forum content is currently locked to all Rookie members.

    All you need is 10 post's and you may download all you like!
    Click on the banner to see all the details.
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    Sweet update thanks jack

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      Thank you George..

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    great work my friend,very nice,thank you

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      Thanks marci, enjoy!

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    Very Nice I dig it the most Great Job thx so much!!

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        Thanks for this theme


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          Coool. Thanks


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            Looks like an interface for a futuristic ship. Nicely done!


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              Thank You ACPCDepot, enjoy bud..

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            thanks mate !!