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Problem on Locating items (Dark theme)

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  • Problem on Locating items (Dark theme)

    Recently I start to create a Dark theme for windows 7 because it;s much better for my vision
    I prefer it as simple as possible
    But I Have problem on locating some text colors and items
    please tell me the address if you know
    I Attach the screenshots here
    I want to change the purple background to black, but i don;t know where it was
    also, I didn;t manage to make moreprograms text to white
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    Hey digiraiter and welcome to MT.

    We have a complete guide to theme building which explain step by step almost every location in windows 7 and can be found here:

    Also i would suggest to check these tutorials:

    And in this section where you posted this topic:

    This is also recommended to install when you use dark backgrounds:


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      clean and simply cant go wrong


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        start in Font Colors and System Metric.If dont work, or cant seem to find,,, just color some unkown things some weird color something like as if you were "highlighting syntax" to specify whats whats , being as it is theming a Windows shell, being the UI of the graphical environment thats implemented on your screen, you shall see or find. unless somehow its not a user error and rather the software then thats a bit different.