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How to Reset Application Data Windows 8.1

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  • How to Reset Application Data Windows 8.1

    When there is a game that has reached its highest level yet you bored to play it again, then you would think to reset it in order to play it from the beginning again. Reset Windows 8.1 application data as well as display the Start screen reset, reset also live tile Start screen.

    Application Data Reset Windows 8.1
    Attention! Applications for which data are reset will be reset to the default (to the beginning, when you first put on the application) to wipe data from an application, and of course will erase all the data associated with the application, not just the level or purchasing data in the application. It is probable that the data that has been deleted can not be returned (to the time before deleting the data), although previous data has been backed up.

    1. Ensure that the Application Interlocking In-reset Not Running in the Background
    Make sure the application or game is about to be reset is not running in the background. To check, please go to the Task Manager and then look carefully whether the desired application there or not. If not, it means you can reset Windows 8.1 applications such.

    2. Viewing Databases Applications Windows 8.1
    Open File Explorer, go to this address:
    C: \ Users \ Nama_user \ AppData \ Local \ Packages
    Make sure that you already know the user name used. example:
    C: \ Users \ Dony \ AppData \ Local \ Packages
    After opening the folder, please look for the folder associated with the application that you want to reset.
    Example: "Ubisoft.HungrySharkEvolution_ngz4m417e0mpw" for the game "Hungry Shark Evolution".

    3. Erase Data Permanently 8.1 Windows Applications
    After selecting the folder associated with the desired application and press Shift + Delete / Del to permanently delete them. Click Yes to delete.

    You do not need to sign out or restart the computer, open the application that the data has been deleted. Now, the application has to be reset to default. That is how to reset Windows 8.1 applications.

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