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    Desktop refresh (F5) Repeatedly Turns Dangerous for Computer

    Usually gamers frequently Desktop refresh many times to speed up the performance of a game. Moreover, if a low specification PC, the hardware will be easily damaged due to refresh the desktop many times by the F5 key for tens of seconds. So what to do with the refresh desktop hardware damage?

    "Refresh" Desktop Many times Turns Dangerous
    Desktop refresh it takes a fairly high CPU by clicking the "Refresh" on the context menu (right-click menu) and pressing F5. Do not believe? Please try it yourself!

    Perform Step It
    Open Task Manager, and then enable the Desktop (Desktop by clicking on it's own without minimizes Task Manager). Then press F5 many times within 10 seconds.
    Note: If you could not stand to see the percentage of CPU usage for 10 seconds, then stop refresh; and the percentage of CPU Task Manager indicated that depending on specification of computer and refresh time.

    The result
    See! The higher the percentage of CPU up to tens of percent. It has been able to prove that refresh the Desktop can increase the percentage of CPU. If the percentage of CPU used to very high, we can be sure that the CPU will be more easily damaged.

    Desktop refresh the Right
    Ways Desktop refresh right: Click the "Refresh" on the context menu, a maximum of 3 times; or press F5, a maximum of 3 times the pressure in one or two seconds of pressure.