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CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

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  • CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

    Cryptic MUI Side Images for ~ Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.1.1
    Packed in an easy to use 7Tsp installer..

    Styled after the amazing Windows 7 Theme 'Cryptic' by ~ ONE MAN ARMY,
    and Windows 8 Theme porting by ~ Lamia.
    My contribution to this Phenomenal project is this new set of MUI Side images.


    Info_40x40.png For those who do not know what side images are..
    Simply said, this mod adds an image on the left side of selected Windows properties windows
    For example; if you open Control Panel and select 'Taskbar and Start Menu' what do you see?
    The options for Taskbar, Toolbars, & Start Menu are positioned in that pop up window.
    But, add these side images and viola!.

    Arrow1.pngThis video shows a sample of this set of Cryptic MUI Side Images

    Watch this video in HD.
    Once the video starts, click on the 'Gear' Gear_40x40.png icon to select the '720p HD' setting.

    Info_40x40.png One of my goals was to make one color that would contrast well with all the theme colors.
    The color I am targeting is something like a blue-streaked gray steel color.
    Close to a desaturated but a hint of some kind of color.
    Hopefully these may be that universal 'go-to' set of side images for any dark theme?

    ........../ 2 Versions Available..
    Click on screen shots for a larger view
    Info_40x40.pngVersion1 has more pattern added in the side handle
    Info_40x40.pngVersion2 has more glass in the side handle ***

    - These ready made files are written for English language only. Sorry.
    - Be sure to download and run the correct 7Tsp base pack for your version of Windows 8.
    - The explorer.exe.mui was removed from one 7Tsp base pack to make this work on Windows 8.1, or Windows 8.1.1
    - The 7Tsp base pack for Windows 8 will NOT work on Windows 8.1, or Windows 8.1.1
    - Links/Attachments are available in the thread for both base packs for all versions of Windows 8.
    The thread for Windows 7 Side Images is [HERE].

    - 7tsp is a System File Patcher which allows you to customize Windows in a simple way with just few mouse clicks in about 5 minutes.
    - This '7tsp Cryptic MUI Side Images.7z' file is to be installed using 7tsp. Do not extract the file.
    - The 7Tsp patcher will back up the original (current) system files, and patch your Windows with a resource pack.
    - It is recomended to install this on a clean system when using any 7tsp installer.
    - It will not replace any system files, it will only add the modifications (icon/bitmap resources only) to your existing files and at the same time make backups of your files.
    So if you have some mods already, it should not effect those. Unless one of the mods you have is in this .7z file also. In which case you end up with 2 backups.

    Info_40x40.png Download the 7Tsp application [HERE].
    Info_40x40.png All information about the 7Tsp application (plus tutorial) is in another thread [HERE].
    Info_40x40.png Plus the ready made files are available by themselves in each download if you want to install these manually. (Written Instructions are included in the download.)
    Info_40x40.png Watch a video (COMING SOON) that will demonstrate how to manully install ready made system files..

    ........../ Credits
    Arrow1.pngThanks to Razorsedge for creating the ready made .mui files.
    Without his hard work to modify the original files, and his permission to add my own images, I would not have made these at all.
    All I did was make new .bmp images and put the two together.
    Arrow1.png Windows 7 Theme 'Cryptic' by ~ ONE MAN ARMY.
    Arrow1.pngWindows 8 Theme porting by ~ Lamia.
    Arrow1.pngThanks to Mr351837 for testing these on Windows 8 in a 7Tsp application.
    Arrow1.png7tsp program written by Fixit.
    Arrow1.pngThanks to Fixit for his work on the app 'Se7en File Replacer'. This app will help install these manually if desired.
    Arrow1.png'Wallpaper HD' in my preview video was made by ~ CybaCreep..
    Arrow1.pngExtra 'Cryptic Full Wallpaper Pack' made by ~ POWEREDBYOSTX
    Arrow1.pngThe cool ripple effect in the videos is 'ITouch'..
    Arrow1.pngAimp3 player in the video is 'Velvet' made by YourNumbr1Fan.
    Arrow1.pngRainmeter in the video is 'MegaThemer Animated Flames' made by me..

    Welcome again to MegaThemer. Hope you enjoy our forums.
    The designer is offering this work for free and would appreciate a comment.
    The attachment/download below is hidden until you post a reply.

    For more information, please read more [HERE].


    Last edited by HammerJack; 05-05-2014, 04:53.

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    Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

    Thanks Jack The guys will love you on Windows 8.1.1 :good2:


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      Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

      win 8 users got lucky thanks jack

      Sig by Cybacreep


      • #4
        Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

        thnx jack for sharing awesome work buddy :good2:

        Sig & Avatar made by Cybacreep
        .....HAPPY DAYS.....


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          Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

          Nice work HammerJack, thank you for sharing and credits!
          If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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            Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

            Great to see this for W8.1 also, thank you everyone who is worked on these images.


            • #7
              Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

              Epic MUI's for a epic theme, thanks for sharing brother :)

              Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

              If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)


              • #8
                Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

                Very good job ! It's amazing...

                I waiting for the "Cryptic" Windows 7 theme by ONE MAN ARMY and maybe this pack for windows seven ?

                Last edited by didi49; 18-05-2014, 20:12.

                Thank you to all designers and Megathemer of course !!!


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                  Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

                  another pack of awesome images thank you


                  • #10
                    Re: CRYPTIC MUI Side Images for Windows 8 by ~ HammerJack

                    Very nice job on mui images HammerJack!!They complete the theme...Thanks for sharring these bud..