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Aero8Tuner by Sergey Tkachenko

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  • Aero8Tuner by Sergey Tkachenko


    Here is my brand new work for Windows 8. Aero8Tuner is the successor of my famous Aero Tuner (for Windows 7) and White Windows (for Windows 8 ). It allows you to change all settings of DWM/Aero at Windows 8 RTM+.

    Warning! This version is for Windows 8 RTM and above! For Windows 7 and Windows 8 CP/DP/RP you may use previous Aero Tuner software.

    With Aero8Tuner you will able:
    • to set any color of windows.
    • to disable windows coloring. If you will enable this undocumented feature, the color of windows borders in Windows 8 will be always white. The taskbar will use Aero color. So, this is way to have separate color for windows and taskbar.
    • to change color balance (affects the intensity).
    • to force High Contrast mode for regular themes. The blurless buggy Aero transparency will be appeared in this case.

    Aero8Tuner in action

    Why some features of "classic" Aero Tuner is missing in this version?
    Microsoft changed DWM in Windows 8. Some parameters was completely removed, such as Transparency and amount of Aero Srtipes. Some parameters like second Aero color, Blur, balance between colors has no effect in Windows 8 because DWM ignores their values.

    This is a free and portable application and does not require to be installed. It works only on Windows 8 RTM and does not require any additional software.

    Download Link:

    Source Link:

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    Great tool John.
    Gonna grab it and check it out.
    Thanks for this mate.


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      I thought so that this will come in handy lol.


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        Great find mate, gonna check it out seems to be very handy to have...:rockon:



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          great tool john thanks :rockon:

          Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler


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            fantastic tool John thank you


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              Re: Aero8Tuner by Sergey Tkachenko

              wow no restrains link ^^ !


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                Re: Aero8Tuner by Sergey Tkachenko

                Really useful,thanks!


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                  Re: Aero8Tuner by Sergey Tkachenko

                  Thanks very much!


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                    Re: Aero8Tuner by Sergey Tkachenko

                    thanks for sharing


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                      nice little app still, thx