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Windows 8 Start Screen Launcher v1.1

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  • Windows 8 Start Screen Launcher v1.1

    Windows 8 Start Screen Launcher v1.1


    This simple executable will launch the Start Screen on Windows 8, so you just need to pin it to your taskbar and no need to install those other applications that mimic the old StartMenu since you only need a button lo launch StartScreen.

    This will just trigger a message to Windows that will launch the Start Screen.

    Execute Deploy.cmd, it will rename the executable to .EXE for you.
    (Win8StartScreenLauncher.ex_ ~> Win8StartScreenLauncher.exe)

    Just pint Win8StartScreenLauncher.exe to your Taskbar
    (drag and drop in an empty area), and that's all.

    Don't like the default icon? Customize it:

    If you don't like the default icon, you can download any other icons from or other free icons library site. Once downloaded those icons, just drag and drop over this application, it will create a new link that will be using that icon. Finally, pin that new shortcut to your Windows taskbar.

    THanks goes to
    "vhanla" At DeviantART

    LINK :


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    Re: Windows 8 Start Screen Launcher v1.1

    nice theme thanyou