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Windows 8/8.1 Custom Tiles

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    Windows 8/8.1 Custom Tiles

    Now some of us know how to build Custom Tiles and Tiles Sets for Windows 8 but how many of you really want to go into Programming a Graphic Set and or trying to explain it to a Non-Programmer? Well this is where we need a new section for Windows 8/8.1 Custom Tools!

    Well I present a little program I found called OblyTile. This little app can not only make a Tile set but also can make a Live Tile as well and all for Free!


    Start snap.PNG

    You can get it from here:

    Hope you all enjoy
    and please as always
    Support the Developer of this App so he/she will be willing to bring more great apps in the future.

    I'm not running ei8ht right now but are all those tiles in your screen shot custom tiles from this app?
    I am dumas kraker


      Originally posted by HammerJack View Post
      I'm not running ei8ht right now but are all those tiles in your screen shot custom tiles from this app?
      No Hammerjack just the Guildwars and Firefall tiles, I'm still working on the Artwork for the others.

      Also as a help to others here are the Tile Sizes you can build:

      Small Tile: 30x30, 42x42, 54x54.
      Tiny Tile: 56x56, 70x70, 98x98, 126x126.
      Square Tile: 120x120, 150x150, 210x210, 270x270.
      Wide Tile: 248x120, 310x150, 434x210, 558x270.
      Large Tile: 248x248, 310x310, 434x434, 558x558.

      This info is from the Developer.

      Hope this helps.


      • HammerJack
        HammerJack commented
        Editing a comment
        Sure it helps. The more info we can get in these opening post the better..
        Keep us updated if you keep moving forward with this and show us a screenie or two..

      Thank You Hammerjack, Here's a couple new things I hope that will help others to start doing their own custom work.

      First I created a Starting Tile Template set for Photoshop

      and my Firefall Tile Set, complete with the psd's so that whom ever can edit them to their hearts desire.

      Hope you all find this useful
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        I'm not running ei8ht right now but its a great program

        Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler


          Just downloaded it, trying it now.