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    Re: My Desktop

    nice, thanks for sharing


      Re: My Desktop

      Is it just me or why i cant see any pictures that are uploaded on here?


        Re: My Desktop

        Originally posted by stan1023 View Post
        Is it just me or why i cant see any pictures that are uploaded on here?
        Nope. It's everybody right now.
        The site has been moved and we are waiting on an update from VB to fix some other conflicts that just popped up.

        Here's a quote from Big Boss;
        Dear MT'ers we will migrating/move to another server soon!
        We have outgrown our current hosting server which you have all noticed with all the bugs and database errors
        we had lately not to mention the time outs etc...

        We will be moving to an Semi Dedicated server which will cost me 3 times more than i pay for the current plan,
        But it will be worth it...we gain double the server resources and we don't need to share our server resources with
        hundreds of other websites that are on the same server!

        Atm we are also struggling with uploading,images and files problems,
        This is due new PHP scripts and vBulletin software not compatible with the new PHP version!

        vBulletin is also busy with updating/fixing their software and i hope they release a new version soon that is compatible with the new version of PHP!

        Now with that said and your are all updated now i will give some info about the server upgrade!

        I am waiting atm on a reply from our hosting provider when they will start with the upgrade,
        Please keep in mind that once they start to upgrade then MT will be:

        This is normal because DNS propagation has to be set in order to be back online again!

        Well this is it for now...once the hosting provider gives me green light i will make an announcement on top of the main page!

        Thank you all!
        I am dumas kraker


          This is stunning