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MacType and dark themes

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  • MacType and dark themes

    Most of you have probably noticed that for my dark themes I recommend using MacType.
    Here is a bit about it and what it can do

    I use this to override the stock Windows ClearType font rendering
    What does it Do?
    Well if you are a dark theme user I'm sure you have seen the below happen with some programs
    white text on a white background or black text on a black background


    When you use this software and select the right profile
    it will add a shadow to some colors of text
    It's not the prefect solution but it definitely makes problem areas more readable!


    After install the first time you run it ,select Load with MacTray-Standalone loading mode
    Windows 8 user check the Run as Administrator box
    Then from the tray icon select anyone of the XMac.LCD.HotShift profiles


    there are also options to fine tune your profile to your liking
    You chan even change the color of the shadow
    Here's a shot of 2 problem areas where the text color can't be changed from black
    but with MacType running they become more readable even on a solid black background


    You can get more info and download a copy here

    Oh and one last tip. ALL versions of MS Office from 2003 to 2010 can have both the text
    colors and background colors changed. So "google" how to do it for your version before
    you complain about the background in Word being too dark!
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    Re: MacType and dark themes

    You are on the ball Greg glad your here my friend :good2:


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      Re: MacType and dark themes

      Thank you Greg.


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        Re: MacType and dark themes

        Thanks on sharing,very useful :good2:


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          Re: MacType and dark themes

          Thanks for the information Greg.


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            Re: MacType and dark themes

            A must have app, and a must have thread for MT..:good2:
            Glad to see this one here Greg, and glad to see you tutorial skills at work also, lol..
            I am dumas kraker


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              Re: MacType and dark themes


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                Re: MacType and dark themes

                Yes this tool is amazing thanks Greg for bringing this handy application to MT.


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                  Re: MacType and dark themes

                  probably i never need this,but thanks on sharing


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                    Re: MacType and dark themes

                    thanks greg that is useful

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