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ROG RealBench

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  • ROG RealBench

    What is ROG RealBench?
    RealBench uses real, open source applications to test your PC as it would perform in RL. Although it can be competitive, it's not primarily designed to be more hardcore and time consuming - it's a benchmark for everyone.

    Select the three tests and run the benchmark to get your result. Each test uses different parts of your PC subsystem, so all areas are covered. Share the result here on the forum to compare to others, or, compare to pre/post overclocks and pre/post upgrades to get maximum value from your PC.

    By using open source apps there is absolutely NO ASUS-bias. Our focus is to offer a value-add to PC enthusiasts as a whole, by offering a branded tool to better evaluate your system, overclock and upgrade. Please share its existence on other forums to help others.


    It's only got 3 benchmarks?
    This is our first release - v1.0. Version 2.0 will add more open source tests in future versions to cover OpenCL, graphics performance and other functions like IO. If you have ideas of open source apps we could include in future releases - please let us know!

    What is the stress test benchmark
    What it says on the tin! If you want something less synthetic than Prime95, our Blender stress test will iteratively load your system with varying data-sets. Use this to 'burn in' an overclock or test long-term stability.

    Is it free?
    100% free to download, use and distribute AS IS. We've added anti-cheat functionality into the code though and we do NOT give permission to change the pictures/videos/functionality/look and design of the software.

    Why does it keep stopping?
    If you move the mouse or touch the keyboard while it's running the benchmark will automatically abort. This is to prevent tampering with the app as it runs.

    Note that the video test has sound - watch your speakers!

    It is x64 ONLY!
    We made the conscious choice to focus on a 64-bit version only. Everyone should be running a 64-bit OS these days with GPU/DDR3 memory capacities as they are. Equally we've not tested it on antiquated XP-64 either, preferring to focus on Win 7 and Win 8.

    Can be run on any system provided it's 64-bit, does not have to be Asus

    Download here or here and enjoy

    Credits to those involved in this project at ROG :good2:

    And here's the v2.0 public beta and info.....

    A quick summary of what has changed from v1:
    1) Addition of the OpenCL test. (it uses all available GPUs including CPU embedded ones if they're available and support OpenCL)
    2) Replacement of the Multitasking test with a much heavier version.
    3) New scoring system.
    4) Redesigned Stress Test from scratch. Now it's like it was supposed to be. Don't curse at me if you start failing this one
    5) Lots of interface changes. Stress Test mode is now separated from Benchmark mode, so it's more intuitive.
    6) Online Leaderboard function for everyone that has ASUS boards. Official leaderboard is not online yet but you can submit scores from the beta so it will help the testing of the function.
    7) High quality screenshot function.
    8) Full system stats displayed in user interface after successful runs.

    Here"s the link to v2.0

    Updated to 2.1, Link Thanks to Cygnus for the heads-up
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    Re: ROG RealBench

    thanks bro,very cool:good2:

    "Building Dreams One Pixel At A Time"


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      Re: ROG RealBench

      Another great share and find thanks bro.


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        Re: ROG RealBench

        Thanks Chevy


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          Re: ROG RealBench

          Here are my results:




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            Re: ROG RealBench

            Problem is that I don't know if my score is good or just average.


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              Re: ROG RealBench

              cool find thanks

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                Re: ROG RealBench

                Originally posted by Gary View Post
                Problem is that I don't know if my score is good or just average.
                You can check on the ROG forum, they have a list by processor cores....just remember most of the scores you'll see are by ppl overclocking and tweaking the crap out of their systems lol


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                  Re: ROG RealBench

                  Very nice share chevy350


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                    Re: ROG RealBench

                    Very good.: Good:


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                      Re: ROG RealBench

                      nice, but can i completely use it as bench for my overclocking to look if it is stable for hours like 24hour bench and so on?


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                        Re: ROG RealBench

                        Originally posted by ertel View Post
                        nice, but can i completely use it as bench for my overclocking to look if it is stable for hours like 24hour bench and so on?
                        Yes you can, from the way i understand it in the main ROG post is that it stresses your system like running 24hr Prime95 and other long stress tests but it only takes a few minutes to run. I run it whenever I change multi or clock so I know if I need to increase or decrease any voltages. They also have a newer version out that includes testing your video card or onboard video. I will get the OP updated with the newer benchmark and links when I get home from work tonight


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                          Re: ROG RealBench

                          that sounds great, i think i found a new tool for my asus rog fan PC :) thx a lot for it


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                            Re: ROG RealBench

                            OP has been updated with the v2.0 info and download link....happy benching everyone :good2:


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                              Re: ROG RealBench

                              Hey Chevy,
                              Thanks for this thread. Little late, sorry I missed it when you first brought this here..
                              Many are needing this now and for the years to come..

                              Join us at - -Click on logo..

                              Upload and share at our new YouTube channel - - Click on logo..