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Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

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    Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

    Styled after the awesome theme build 'Mechanism'.
    Top and bottom versions included.
    The dock icons are Mechanism dock icons by IceBabee.


    This was a very special group project.
    The concept and art work is by icebabee and this started out as gsw953 putting her ideas into a theme build,
    and with the help of many others it soon grew into a massive project with a ton of extras!
    I had a lot of fun working on this, honored that I was invited to join, and hope you enjoy what you see!!

    .............../ Credits \...............
    - Get Rocketdock [HERE].
    - The Mechanism theme concept and art work is by the very gifted icebabee.
    - The Mechanism theme build is by master theme designer gsw953.
    - The Mechanism theme re-coloring to blue was done by lamia.
    - Thanks to Vigoni for the Mechanism wallpaper. (Download with the theme.)
    - Thanks to Icebabee for the skull wallpaper (Download with the theme.)
    - The Preview Monitor is by eldi82 on

    ........../ More Mechanism Rocketdock Colors \..........
    Mechanism Green Rocketdock available [HERE].
    Mechanism Red Rocketdock available [HERE].

    Welcome again to MegaThemer. Hope you enjoy our forums.
    The designer is offering this work for free and would appreciate a comment.
    The attachment/download below is hidden until you post a reply.

    For more information, please read more [HERE].

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    Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

    Awesome work Jack and thanks a mill for sharing it on MT.


      Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

      Thank you my friend for this work and sharing it, respect!
      If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


        Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

        This is Awesome Well done on this


          Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

          Thanks for sharing my friend.: Merci:


            Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

            awesome work Jack thanks for share :thank_you:


              Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

              My one of the favorite Skin for RD.Thank you for sharing this beauty.


                Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

                Think ill have this.. :P thanks

                Sig designed by Cybacreep


                  Re: Mechanism Blue Rocketdock...

                  I will have to try this thanks