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Velvet Retouched RD Shelves

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  • Velvet Retouched RD Shelves

    GuillenDesign (@ deviantART) has graciously allowed me to recolor, adjust, and add-to his very cool Velvet skin design, and so I give you the "Velvet-Retouched" top-and-bottom RD shelves....
    Recolored to match the taskbar of the way-cool Slave visual style (also a GuillenDesign creation, but I bet you knew that, didn't ya!), with "disc-style" seperators and "Light" indicator added.

    *Included in the rar are 2 skins (one for bottom-placement, one for top), and also an Indicator---Arclight-17's "Light", from his very cool The Tray RD skin! (used with permission).
    There's also a ReadMe text-file.

    *Credits go to both GuillenDesign and Arclight-17 for allowing me to modify and/or include their images in this work.

    You can get Slave vs @ deviantART. You can get the original Velvet RD skin also @ deviantART.

    These artists' works (along with mine) are certainly copyrighted, so please do not re-design and/or re-upload any of their respective works (or mine) without first asking and obtaining permission from the artists.


    [HIDE-REPLY]<----Download Here[/HIDE-REPLY]
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    Re: Velvet Retouched RD Shelves

    This is amazing just awesome work


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      Re: Velvet Retouched RD Shelves

      Thank you for this beauty of skin for RD.