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Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

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  • Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

    Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter


    I created this package to be used on Halloween Desktops so have fun!!!

    This skin package was designed to fit a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

    This skin was packaged with the newest Rainmeter beta version you can download here:

    Ravenous for Rainmeter is my first attempt at a Rainmeter skin. I have done multiple desktops with other designers skins but this one is mine.

    This design was inspired by the idea that the corners and the top of the screen of most desktop skins are abandoned and unused. It's wasted space. Plus there are no FUN Halloween designs available that I have seen!

    To make it fun I decided to spice it up. With a little design help from Silver Beast we conjured up 45 skins with lots of options. For instance, the Network and G-Mail skins can be placed on any corner you wish. The design background is different on every skin! The WiFi skin is also designed to be placed in the top corners!

    Some skins are splatters to be placed anywhere on the desktop while others can only be docked in corners or at the top.

    Every skin has TWO text variants, Black or White!

    Silver Beast added his wonderful artistic flare and together we designed special FUN skins for that scary look. Syringe RAM, Bloody eyeballs CPU, nuclear bug drives, toxic trash, bloody rain weather skin & a bloody Winamp player.

    Included in this package: (45 SKINS)
    WinAmp Player
    Social Icon Panel (10 Links)
    Time (Analog & Digital)

    Please comment if you download. Let me know how you like it!
    FAV's are APPRECIATED!!!

    Visit my other work:
    Thanks to Silver Beast for his support & design flare:

    I have been told by a particular group that this skin is too dark and they will not accept this submission even for Halloween! Please comment and let me know how you feel!
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    Re: Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

    Lol very funny and special thanks bud.


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      Re: Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

      very nice thanks

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        Re: Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

        Thanks for sharing.: Good:


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          Re: Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

          Scary is right bud, you nailed it here...
          I am dumas kraker


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            Re: Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

            I missed this one looks good thanks


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              Re: Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

              That's amazing mate! Looks great this bloody work! ;)


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                Re: Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter

                This one is really nice,thank you :good2: