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    Here is a UniNews RSS pack that is as unique as You.....
    Seven separate RSS feed-skins, each in a different stylish color...sleek and clean, easy to read,...and very useful to those of us who enjoy keeping up with the latest news and posts from our favorite sites.
    They look a bit like Monopoly-cards, but oh well, they are something different right?

    As with my other UniNews skins, these too function the same way; clicking the title will take you to the URL that hosts that particular feed, and clicking any of the 8 lines of news in the feeds will take you immediately to the story or post clicked, in your default browser.

    It goes without saying that you'll need to have the latest version of RainMeter installed to run these. Once you do have RM installed, just double-click the .rmskin setup file and RainMeter will auto-add it to your skins folder. Then, simply choose the skins from your RM right-click menu.

    You'll need to change the URL paths within each of the .ini files in each of the skin subfolders to feed URLs that you like. Open the .ini files with Notepad, and read the text that's colored green for some instruction. Search Google on how to locate RSS feed URLs if you don't know how.

    Again, I must give credit out to Alex Becherer at the RainMeter forum for being the original architect of the main coding in these skins.

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    Re: You-nique UniNews RSS Feeds

    Thank you Jimmy!
    If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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      Re: You-nique UniNews RSS Feeds

      Thanks my friend I will download this when I got Internet back on :cool:

      Sent from my GT-I9300T


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        Re: You-nique UniNews RSS Feeds

        thank you Jimmy


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          Re: You-nique UniNews RSS Feeds

          That looks pretty cool buddy thanks a lot