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Big Fan -beta version

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    Re: Big Fan -beta version

    Originally posted by gsw953 View Post
    I hope you didn't have trouble changing any of the text colors,the .ini are kinda a mess still :LOL1:
    Not sure about the mail thing,could it be tell you how many are in your inbox?

    Also now that you added the W= and H= could you have a look in your Resource Monitor
    and see what the Rainmeter.exe is doing?When I had it added before it was making the cpu
    jump between 2 and 4 %.Without out them added and with the doors open and the fan on
    the skin seems to hover pretty close to 0
    No problem changing any of the font colors. By now I can find that stuff.
    And never mind about the mail count thing. I did not have any in my inbox, BUT there were in the 2 other boxes which I never knew where there till now.. Cleared them out and now it's reporting 0 new mails.

    And I looked at my resource's used by Rm.exe
    With both doors open and the fan at default size, RM.exe is around 8-10%
    With both doors open and the fan resized using H & W values, RM.exe jumped to around 25%. Note that the size I changed it too was 625x625 for my resolution to fit that included BG.


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      Re: Big Fan -beta version

      i have no words.the amount of detail,the time,the perfection,the skill. no one man should have all these things at the same time.

      "Building Dreams One Pixel At A Time"