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  • Mechanism Green MUI Side Images...

    Styled after the awesome theme build 'Mechanism'.
    Here is one more extra for a more theme Xtreme experience.
    These modified .mui files will add pictures in selected resources alongside of your properties dialog windows such as Start Menu properties, Taskbar
    properties, Mouse & Keyboard properties, Sounds properties, Run properties, Folder Options properties, and a few more.
    The default properties window is still there, this mod just adds pictures on the side of the box which is how you get the name "Side images".
    These ready made files are written for English language only. Not unless you add a language pack. Sorry.

    ***Click on preview screen to enlarge***

    This was a very special group project .
    The concept and art work is by icebabee and this started out as gsw953 putting her ideas into a theme build,
    and with the help of many others it soon grew into a massive project with a ton of extras!
    I had a lot of fun working on this and hope you enjoy what you see!!

    Click on Animated preview to enlarge ***

    2 ways to install these.
    1) They are packed in an easy to use installer made by gsw953. Also comes with a restore.exe to revert changes.Instructions included.
    2) Watch a video [HERE] that will demonstrate the installation of these by using a SFX Installer developed with the help of gsw953..
    3) Also included are the ready made files by themselves if you want to install these manually. Instructions included.

    **REMINDER** If you experience some of the images not appearing, you need to clear your icon cache again. There is a ".bat" file you can run
    and it is included in the "Helpful Links" folder in a folder named "How-To_Rebuild_Icon_Cache".

    ........../ Credits \..........
    - Thanks to Razorsedge for making the modifications to the original .mui files in order to see any side images at all.
    - The Mechanism concept and art work is by the very gifted icebabee.
    - The 'Mechanism' theme build is by master theme designer @gsw953.
    - The Mechanism theme re-coloring to green was done by Lamia.
    - Thanks to gsw953 for making the automated installer.
    - Thanks to Vigoni for his wallpaper used in my animated preview screen. (Download with the Mechanism theme.)
    - Thanks to deviantdon for his new Mechanism wallpapers used in my preview screens.
    - Thanks to Fixit for making Se7en File Replacer. (Helpful tool for manual installs)

    ........../ More Mechanism Mui Side Image Colors \..........
    Mechanism Blue Side Images available [HERE].

    Mechanism Red Side Images available [HERE].

    Welcome again to MegaThemer. Hope you enjoy our forums.
    The designer is offering this work for free and would appreciate a comment.
    The attachment/download below is hidden until you post a reply.

    For more information, please read more [HERE].

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    Re: Mechanism Green MUI Side Images...

    Looking good Jack


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      Re: Mechanism Green MUI Side Images...

      Very nice work

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        Re: Mechanism Green MUI Side Images...

        very nice work thanks Jack


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          Re: Mechanism Green MUI Side Images...

          Great job HJ, this is amazing share, thank you!
          If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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            Re: Mechanism Green MUI Side Images...

            Stunning images,these are outstanding.Thank you again.


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              Re: Mechanism Green MUI Side Images...

              absolutely great :good2: