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Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

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    Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

    Stormy conditions predicted for the next couple of weeks, as the next series of 'Storm MUI Side Images' are appearing on your favorite forum pages.
    This series of colors are really not theme specific as you can simply match colors to one of your favorite theme styles.
    Links to the other COLORS are located at the bottom of this post.

    These modified .mui files will add pictures in selected resources alongside of your properties dialog windows such as Start Menu properties,
    Taskbar properties, Mouse & Keyboard properties, Sounds properties, Run properties, Folder Options properties, and a few more.
    The default properties window is still there, this mod just adds pictures on the side of the box which is how you get the name 'Side images'.
    These ready made files are written for English language only. Sorry.

    When I made these I played with different text arrangements.
    Since I could not decide which version I liked best, I decided to just offer them all and let you decide.
    Each download has a folder for 32bit & 64 bit systems, instructions, screens, & credits.
    Had a lot of fun making these. Hope you have a lot of fun customizing your own operating system…

    ***Version1 is called a “Bleeding” text effect***
    ***Version2 is called a “Stone” text effect***
    ***Version3 is called a “Clear” text effect***
    ***Click on screen shots for a larger view***
    1) The ready made files are available by themselves in a separate download if you want to install these manually. (Instructions included in the download.)
    2) Watch a video [HERE] that will demonstrate the installation of these by using a SFX Installer developed with the help of gsw953..
    3) Plus the images are now packed in a new easy to use, fully tested installer so you do not have to install these the manual way.
    With a couple of clicks, the Installer.exe will do it for you.

    That’s right, I said an easy to use installer.
    There’s no more hassle with replacing system files the manual way.
    Plus there is a Restore.exe to change the Side Images back to default.

    **REMINDER** If you experience some of the images not appearing, you need to clear your icon cache again.
    There is a '.bat' file you can run and it is included in the 'Extras' folder in a folder named 'How-To_Rebuild_Icon_Cache'.

    *** Credits ***

    Razorsedge_40x40.png- Thanks to Razorsedge for creating the ready made .mui files.
    Without his hard work to modify the original files, and his permission to add my own images, I would not have made these at all.
    All I did was make new .bmp images and put the two together.
    Also some of the icons from his awesome 'One Vision' icon pack were used in a few of the images.
    faizalotai_MT_40x40.png- Thanks again faizalotai for the ADVOC theme series and the inspiration for these frames.
    I just fell in love with that start menu..
    And thanks for the help testing these...

    **NEWS FLASH**
    Customizing just got a little bit easier.
    gsw953_Owl_40x40.png- Thanks to the efforts of gsw953 and his development of a new installer for my MUI Side Images.
    Say goodbye to the old way of manually replacing system files.
    Now with just a couple of clicks, you can install my new side images without any hassles or worry’s about making a mistake.
    Many thanks to Greg for answering the call and offering his help.
    Vigoni_39x40.gif- Credit go out to the very talented Vigoni for his help with the new 'Storm Banners' used here. And thanks for his help testing these.
    R-GT_40x40.png- The cursor images are from R-GT, thanks for his excellent work with 'Juicy Cursors'.
    dafont_29x40.png- Font used is called 'Borg 9'.

    *** Links to the other colors ***
    Hail-Storm-MUI-Side-Images (Amber)
    Tropical-Storm-MUI-Side-Images (Blue)
    Thunder-Storm-MUI-Side-Images (Desaturated)
    Rain-Storm-MUI-Side-Images (Green)
    Snow-Storm-MUI-Side-Images (Purple)
    Solar-Storm-MUI-Side-Images (Orange)
    Ice-Storm-MUI-Side-Images (Pink)

    Welcome again to MegaThemer. Hope you enjoy our forums.
    The designer is offering this work for free and would appreciate a comment.
    The attachment/download below is hidden until you post a reply.
    For more information, please read more [HERE].


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    All you need is 10 post's and you may download all you like!
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    Re: Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

    Great stuff Jack you the man thanks for sharing


      Re: Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

      fantastic work jack just awesome.

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        Re: Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

        awesome awesome work my friend. you are the man!!

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          Re: Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

          Great work Jack


            Re: Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

            love this red version thanks Jack for the hard work and sharing it here.


              Re: Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

              Beautiful my friend.


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                Great job is done here Jack,thanks on sharing :good2:


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                  thnx jack superb ty for sharing

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                    this my favorite version thx
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                      awesome work


                        Re: Fire Storm MUI Side Images...

                        Thanks for the great work


                          Thanks good job