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Re-Degetized Logonscreen

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    Re-Degetized Logonscreen

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    Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

    If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)

    Oh brother, you've been busy today. I see you single handedly managed to fill the whole New Topics page in one day..

    What can I say. I knew these were on other forums but never said anything so let's just send a huge THANK YOU via air mail for thinking of MT and gracing us with your art designs..

    My time has been limited here lately due to an explosion of work projects so let me ask for your forgiveness if I don't reply to all your new topics today. Just know that you brought a BIG smile to one to your biggest fans from around the world!!!


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    I am dumas kraker


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      hehe, yeah bro, i did, and more is coming today :D Never think about that brother, thats all good, we all have our bussy times, please do not get overworked now bro :)

    It is looking awesome brother.


      Thats very cool...