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Silver Spirit

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  • Silver Spirit

    It's been for a while since I din't post any log on screen.
    Ok,here is the log on screen which I made to fit with amazing theme Silver Spirit Reloaded.
    The reason of making this log on screen is because I'm gonna keep this theme for a while,and I wanted to share it.

    Here is the First Version,clean style and simply.
    preview of clean style.jpg

    Here is the second version (V.2) with some extras
    Silver Spirit V 2 preview.jpg

    To download content here you are first required to leave a comment/reply to unlock the hidden content.

    [HIDE-REPLY]Silver Spirit log on screen two versions.rar[/HIDE-REPLY]

  • #2
    Re: Silver Spirit

    Awsome edition bro :)
    Thanks for sharing my friend :)

    Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

    If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)


    • #3
      Re: Silver Spirit

      :OMG: that looks great...nice job and thanks for the hard work Dragan.


      • #4
        Re: Silver Spirit

        Looks great, thanks for sharing it


        • #5
          Re: Silver Spirit

          thank you,it's great


          • #6
            Re: Silver Spirit

            Thank you Dragan for you hard work! These look Great and they match the theme perfectly!!!


            • #7
              Re: Silver Spirit

              Very good job my friend.: Bien:


              • #8
                Re: Silver Spirit

                always cool bro....:good2:

                Sig made by cybacreep

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                • #9
                  Re: Silver Spirit

                  Nice clean shiny..

                  Need I say more?

                  Great share today bud.. And the 2nd one is my fav.. :give_rose:

                  Join us at - -Click on logo..

                  Upload and share at our new YouTube channel - - Click on logo..


                  • #10
                    Re: Silver Spirit

                    looks great blows mine away.

                    Sig by Cybacreep


                    • #11
                      Re: Silver Spirit

                      Looks really awesome Dragan!
                      Super stylish, thank you beloved brother!


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                      Be peaceful & in love with your next - it is YOU. Teach forgiveness.
                      Your will will be done. What you give, you will receive.
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                      • #12
                        Re: Silver Spirit

                        Awesome man well done love them


                        • #13
                          Re: Silver Spirit

                          Great job !Thank you Brother! :good2:
                          Sig разработан cybacreep.

                          Спасибо Джон ...


                          • #14
                            Re: Silver Spirit

                            Awesome logo screen thanks


                            • #15
                              Re: Silver Spirit

                              Very clean XD