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  • Mechanism Red Boot Screen...

    Styled after the awesome theme build 'Mechanism'.

    ** Click on preview to enlarge. **
    This was a very special group project .
    The concept and art work is by icebabee and this started out as gsw953 putting her ideas into a theme build,
    and with the help of many others it soon grew into a massive project with a ton of extras!
    I had a lot of fun working on this and hope you enjoy what you see!!

    This skin was made in 16:9 (1900x1080) resolution and may not appear correctly in other resolutions. If you are not running a 1920x1080 resolution, I would suggest you first load the 'PNG Images' folder instead of the .bs7 file. This should apply the skin with the best results. To check your monitor resolution go to 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution' and your current resolution will be listed on the line 'Resolution:' Once you have the skin applied you can now save it as a new .bs7 file using your own native resolution if you wish.

    To apply this boot skin I use the portable app 'Windows 7 Boot Updater' made by Jeff Bush over at
    Follow this [LINK] for a video Tutorial about 'How to change the animated boot screen in Windows 7 using the app Boot Updater'

    Please take time to read more details/instructions/warnings about the Boot Updater app [HERE]

    Remember there are risk's involved so be familiar with how to recover the operating system just in case.
    Personally I have never had any issues or problems. But I have read about some instances when users have had problems.
    For example. It may not work with certain language packs.
    If you are dual booting with Windows 7 & 8 you may have also have a problem.

    Helpful links are available with the attachments that will show you how to:
    1) Make a system restore CD/DVD, or system restore disk.
    2) How to create a restore point.
    3) How to boot into the Windows recovery options from the boot menu.

    .............../ Credits \...............

    - The Mechanism concept and art work is by the very gifted icebabee.
    - The Mechanism theme build is by master theme designer gsw953.
    - Thanks to Vigoni for his Mechanism wallpaper used in one of my 'How-To' screen shots. (Download with the Mechanism theme.)
    - Thanks to deviantdon for his Mechanism wallpaper used in one of my 'How-To' screen shots.
    - The 'Cracked Rusty Dark' wallpaper in the animated preview above, can be downloaded here at MT.
    - Thanks to Jeff Bush at for the app Win7BootUpdater.

    ........../ What's in the download \..........
    - The portable app 'Win7BootUpdater' made by Jeff Bush.
    - Mechanism Boot skin in 105 .png images folder.
    - Mechanism Boot skin in .bs7 format.
    - Default Windows 7 boot skin in 105.bmp images folder.
    - Instructions 'How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc'.
    - Instructions 'How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows 7'.
    - Instructions 'How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7'.
    - How-To Screen Shots.

    Check out the Mechanism Blue Boot screen [HERE].
    Check out the Mechanism Green Boot screen [HERE].

    Welcome to MegaThemer. Hope you can stay awhile.
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    - All you need is 10 post's and you will be moved to MT Member status,
    - Or, become a [Premium] member to automatically unlock all forum content instantly!
    - For more information about download restrictions, please read [HERE].
    Attached Files
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    Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

    WOW you guys did a lot of work on this theme stunning


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      Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

      Amazing work brother Jack thanks a lot.
      Btw great looking Siggy mate.


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        Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

        fantastic work Jack looks awesome thank you Jack


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          Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

          Originally posted by shawn0101
          merci superbe
          Hello and welcome to MegaThemer,Please post your comments and replies in English only, or use an online tool such as Google Translate to render your posts into English. Thank you!


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            Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

            Man Thanks I Love it


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              Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

              very very nice work

              Sig by Cybacreep


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                Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

                thanks a lot.. its awesome


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                  Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

                  Thanks for sharing this, will get a look at the "mechnism" compilation


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                    Re: Mechanism Boot Screen...

                    Well done everyone,this is amazing boot screen.:good2:


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                      Re: Mechanism Red Boot Screen...

                      thank you to you


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                        Re: Mechanism Red Boot Screen...

                        Very good job Jack,thanks for sharing.


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                          Re: Mechanism Red Boot Screen...

                          Great share, thank you Jack!
                          If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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                            Re: Mechanism Red Boot Screen...



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                              Re: Mechanism Red Boot Screen...

                              really nice bootscreen