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General theme issue

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  • General theme issue

    Since I've switched back to win7 x64 I had an issue pop back up with quite a few themes, I don't think it's the themes themselves but something with some system files or settings possibly. I posted this in another forum a while ago and had suggestions like adjusting DPI to 125% then back to 100% and trying different screen resolutions and nothing has worked. I usually tend to run modified Win OS's but this was a straight off the shelf MS nothing removed nothing added Win7 Pro x64 w/SP1 and no updates past the SP. I don't do updates aside from SP's but generally go through them as some like to break things lol. If anyone has a clue as to how to get these to display correctly I'm all ears, aside from the attached pics the rest of the themes work fine nearest I can tell. It's not that big a bother since the only time I usually see the start menu is when I reboot but annoying all the same lol.
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    Re: General theme issue

    I have seen it this before and there is a fix but i can't remember it anymore...maybe gsw953 has the answer?


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      Re: General theme issue

      Do you have Windows Search turned off for some reason?
      If so turn it back on and see what happens


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        Re: General theme issue

        Yup search is off, always figured I know where I put stuff so no reason to have something else look for it. Will give it a try

        That was it Checked the box for search in adding/removing feature and took care of the weird splits. Thanks for the help fellas :good2:
        Last edited by chevy350; 20-01-2014, 00:34.