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[Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

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  • [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

    [Current Project]

    I thought I'd do a wallpaper for Halloween.
    I haven't used Photoshop in almost 2 years
    :OMG: so I'm a bit out of practice which is why this wallpaper isn't looking that great right now lol. Hopefully I can get it to look ok. :kez_15:


    So what do you guys think so far?
    Anyone got any ideas of things to add/remove or any suggestions? Not sure I can do much more with this.

    Screen resolutions & ratios I'll be trying to make from this wallpaper:

    • 4:3 = 2048x1536
    • 16:9 = 1920x1080
    • 16:10 = 2560x1600

    If you'd like a resolution of a different aspect ratio let me know here.

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    Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

    Looks Great, thanks for the preview:good2:


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      Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

      Thanks @Gary: :thank_you:


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        Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

        Nice preview brother CG, thanks for share!

        !!! - May Live Long MegaThemer - !!!


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          Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

          Thanks Ishmam :thank_you:


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            Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

            Well that is running clean so far.
            Not sure what you had 2 years ago compared to now but your looking good bud..

            I'm not too big on the scary holiday so not much I can suggest for improvements?

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              Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

              Not bad at all suggest for improvements


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                Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

                @HammerJack: & @CybaCreep:

                Thanks Jack and John. I think I'll leave the wallpaper for another day or so and if I can't think of anything else to add, change, ..., then I'll just finalise the wallpaper and upload it ;)


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                  Re: [Working On] Halloween Wallpaper

                  Wallpaper has been completed on Halloween day (31st). Will upload it here when the images and attachments have been fixed.