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my FINAL PROJECT (EXAM) in my Design 214 class this week

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    my FINAL PROJECT (EXAM) in my Design 214 class this week

    As the title explains, I have a final project/exam due in my Design 214 (e-color theory) this week and I wanted to share my results with you all. Here is what the instructions were for the assignment:
    "Final Project: Using inspiration from the case studies viewed in your textbook, redesign an existing corporate brand and branded identity. You should create a series of 5 images that relate to this brand. Some examples of how you might do this:
    • A series of 5 advertisements that each utilize the same style/branding
    • A series of 5 advertisements of different media (example: billboard, bus ad, bus shelter ad, magazine ad, and web ad)
    • A corporate identity system that incorporated 5 pieces of branding (example: logo, letterhead, business card, tri-fold, and website)
    The dimensions of larger pieces (such as a billboard, bus ad, bus shelter ad, etc.) are not expected to be actual size, but should reflect the media's actual proportions; in other words you will need to research the actual sizes, and shrink them down accordingly. For example, if a curbside bus ad is 96" x 28", then you could fit a 10.000" x 2.916" representation of it on a 11" x 8.5" piece of paper (landscape orientation).
    Your finished series should be of professional quality and portfolio-worthy."

    my results of 5 different advertisements, etc and my vision for the rebrand of the Radio Shack logo:

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