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MSI Windows 7 Theme

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  • MSI Windows 7 Theme

    Hi Guys,

    since there seems to be never a Thread been here i start one. :give_heart:

    Well, here are amazing Themes and everything is shiny - here are EVGA and ASUS ROG Themes too but... what i miss is an MSI Gaming Theme for example.

    Would it be possible to make one?

    What is MSI / MSI Gaming:

    For example.

    Best regards,

    Marti :focus:

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    Re: MSI Windows 7 Theme

    Be the first to create one:good2:


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      Re: MSI Windows 7 Theme

      I can create theme based on MSI gaming, but I need some time to do it.


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        Re: MSI Windows 7 Theme

        Good Dragan, take your time.


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          Re: MSI Windows 7 Theme

          Sounds good

          Iam currently in the Basics, but the Time is very limited.

          Yesterday ive downloaded my very first Theme from here - Tigers nVidia Ultimate, yeah it rocks the Screen! :what:

          Just changed the Wallpapers and even my Wife said "Whow that Green was superior" :rockon:

          I now just try to look how an MSI Gaming Theme would be best to create, think an Black/Red or Vice Versa Combination would be the first Thing to think about. But most of the Stuff is chinese for me atm. :punish1:
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            Re: MSI Windows 7 Theme

            well done and good luck



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              Re: MSI Windows 7 Theme

              MSI gaming theme will be great


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                Re: MSI Windows 7 Theme

                I totally second this. It's tough to find really good MSI theme material. All the love goes to ASUS and Alienware. :\