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Help for Avatar and sigg.

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  • Help for Avatar and sigg.

    Ok i tryed many times to make something decent but as you all can see, it is far from professional and cant get to look it good, so here now my help scream to anyone who would be so kind to make something for me as you all are better in it then myself...

    Thank you in advance.

    This post is solved ... Cybacreep made me a cool av and sig as you all can see....... Thank you Cybacreep you are the best !
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    Signature & Avatar made by Cybacreep

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    Re: Help for Avatar and sigg.

    I'd love to see it but the Forum isn't displaying any images other than a few other signatures and avatars. Can't see any images in any theme forums and anywhere else I go on here. Hope we can get that fixed soon. But I'm sure it looks good though, thanks.


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      Re: Help for Avatar and sigg.

      Yeah @CybaCreep: did mine too and it looks awesome! :dancing banana: