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    Hey , Mizhe here, is there anyone that could link me a tut on how to make signatures properly? I rather not ask someone to make one for me as it is too much for a random like me to ask for one :P. I've tried, but it seems like the tuts i saw were a bit confusing . If anyone could help that would be great/ will thanks + like :).

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    Re: Signature


    I tagged some peeps for you...please check this thread frequently and i hope someone can point you in the right direction.
    Good luck.


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      Re: Signature

      Try using Gimp
      here is the tut


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        Re: Signature

        there are also online editors for the simple peeps like me :wacko2:

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          Re: Signature

          Graphics skills are widely varied and they come over time.
          Don't give up after just a few attempts. Just start with some simple toots and go up from there.
          I am dumas kraker