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  • Windows start orb

    hello i had a quest ( but one word first - sry for my english)

    i try to make self windows start orb
    i am photoshop CC, but when i change the orb with Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.6, look like so

    i make this orb self with Photoshop ( bmp 32 bit + Alpha channel )

    i don´t know whats wrong

    ( this file in bmp 32 bit + alpha channel ) its my first try with photoshop an make a windows orb but i try 2 days for one :) , i show many tutorial on you tube , but don´t work good

    can everyone tell me was wrong :) ? and sry for my english and i hope you understand :)

    Thanks :)
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    Re: Windows start orb

    You can try the ones in the attached. There are 3 named 6801.6805 and 6809 in a folder called explorer.exe. The are .PNG files in the folder that has to be placed in your theme files such as:
    C:\windows\Resources\themes\theme name

    The other is a .BMP file which will have to be installed with a program such as :

    Download Windows 7 Start Orb Changer (211 KB)

    Reguested Orb.rar

    Everything is in the .Rar file but the program that is in the link. I hope this works out for you. @Maiemi:
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      Re: Windows start orb

      i Try this with the windows start Button changer
      The explorer exe is the original of Microsoft/windows
      i Look the rar file when iam sitting on my pc :)
      thank you :-)

      but what was wrong with my work ? :)

      i try you Rar data folder with windows 7 start button changer but its look
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        Re: Windows start orb

        You just can't have one image it take 3 and the size has to be 54 x162 Pixels no matter if you use the .Png one or the .Bmp file. I hope they worked for you.


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          Re: Windows start orb

          yes i know this 3 are in the explorer.exe but when i change the orb with Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.6 , i need one start button orb , i have many download :) they work good , i see tutorial to selfmade
          the windows orb with Photoshop , and than change with w7sbc v .2.6 (v. 5.0 doesn´t work on my pc) , i try this , and don´t work good , i don´t know whats wrong/mistake :)

          thats my question :) i like to make orb with photoshop :)


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            Re: Windows start orb

            Attached is a .PSD Template for start orbs.


            This is for Windows 7. The one orb that made for you with the .BMP should have worked with that program. I hope this helps you

            Unbenannt-12.bmp This orb should have worked using that program
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