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    Dark Font on Dark background

    I've been encountering this common issue with the years of using Window themes and for the life of me not able to find a fix. Google can help only so much before I end up pulling my hair out and just searching for a different theme all together which makes me sad because the one I enjoy most I have to veer away from. The issue is this:


    Clearer picture of what I mean.

    The 'To turn on Windows Aero, select ---" text stays black on both themes and it can become an issue when I have to open up certain windows and cannot read a lick of what it says causing me to change the theme just in order to read it then change it back when I'm finished.

    Anyway, if there are any suggestions or something I did wrong I'd love some feedback on what to do to solve this slightly annoying issue.

    I have a couple of suggestions and also I want to say you have done nothing wrong.
    This hard to read text issue in dark themes is one of the flaws or draw backs in theming. It is not that the designers cannot fix it so to speak, it's more like an area that cannot be overcome. Some dark themes are better than others but this has been a common occurrence since day one.

    One suggestion is to just switch to a light theme during those times you need to read the text. Like when using the email client, or word processors, etc.. Personally I keep several of each installed at all times.

    Another suggestion was suggested by one of our gurus named gsw953. Follow the link below to investigate this new app called MacType. It does not perfectly solve the issue but it does help. This topic has most of the information you need to get started.

    I am dumas kraker


      Originally posted by Gary
      This is why my main Theme is always a light one. I use Outlook 2010 as an email client and with dark themes, I cannot use it.
      Just curious Gary..
      Did you know that ALL versions of MS Office from 2003 to 2010 can have both the text colors and background colors changed.
      I am dumas kraker