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Add Missing Windows 7/8 Features To Windows 10 With MFI

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  • Add Missing Windows 7/8 Features To Windows 10 With MFI

    Windows 10 is a solid operating system with plenty of new features and improvements. The newest version of Windows 10 although includes hundreds of new features, it lacks some of the features offered in previous versions of Windows.
    Popular features of Windows 7 like Desktop Gadgets, Windows Media Center, personalization panel, classic Windows 7 games like Solitaire and Spider Solitaire, and classic Start menu features have been dropped from Windows 10. Some of the features introduced with Windows 8 have also been absent from Windows 10 for reasons best known to Microsoft.
    Although most of the classic features have been replaced with better alternative, users who have used classic features for long time will surely miss them while on Windows 10.
    Get classic features in Windows 10

    If you’re one of those users who have been missing one or more classic features present in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 while using Windows 10 PC, you can now get your favorite or all classic features back in Windows 10 with the help of a free program called Missed Features Installer for Windows 10.
    Missed Features Installer for Windows 10

    Missed Features Installer for Windows 10 aims to bring classic features back to Windows 10 with minimal effort. A similar program called Missed Features Installer for Windows 8/8.1 was released about two years ago, and this new version is specifically for Windows 10.

    Its Freeware grt Creator

    More info and Download Here:

    Add-missing-features-to-Windows-10-with-Missed-Features-Installer-1_thumb.png Add-missing-features-to-Windows-10-with-Missed-Features-Installer-2_thumb.png Add-missing-features-to-Windows-10-with-Missed-Features-Installer-3_thumb.png

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    I am loving the Page 1/3, big thank you Rob, this is realy great

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      Looks useful thanks for sharing Rob.


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        Nice find again Rob.
        Bet your loving this tool since it brings back the gadgets your so found of... Windows 10 is sounding better every day...

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