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History to see the Account Password Through Firefox

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  • History to see the Account Password Through Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox is equipped with features that can save the user name and password inputted by the user is currently logged in at a particular service with the user decides to save the record the password.
    This feature is useful if one day you lose your password or user name, but on the other hand is also very risky because of the ability of hidden malware can infiltrate and steal the data stored without being detected.

    If you turned out to be one of the obstacles facing the forgotten password instead of the password reset troublesome, the way that this one might be one of the options.

    Mozilla Firefox Run the program and click the Tools - Options. You can find this menu on the toolbar or menu located in the upper left corner of your Firefox browser.

    When you have done the first step will display a PopUp window. In this section, click the Security tab and then click the Saved passwords.

    So the next step, you'll be able to see the data line of the site address, user name and password that is used for each site. If you want to see the password each site click Show Passwords button.
    If maybe you are too hard to remember passwords stored, provided the features that make it easier for you to do lawyer-copies-an. How to right click on one of the data and use the menu Copy Username or Copy Password.
    otherwise it, you can delete one or all of the stored data if worried malware could misuse your privacy.

    Feature is long there, but it is not as easy now to access than Mozilla Firefox. Need I also remind you that this tutorial is run in Mozilla Firefox version 28.0, but is relatively easy to find even though you are using an older version though. Good luck and hopefully useful.

    link :

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    Re: History to see the Account Password Through Firefox

    thanks for the thread


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      Re: History to see the Account Password Through Firefox

      All Browsers save passwords , this is not unique to Firefox.