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Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

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  • Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

    For a long time I've ran 7.1 Surround Sound for my games and Music....4t Music Collection.... but every so often with my custom F-d Logitec( I added a Middle Channel to a 5.1 set) I got the Police called on me for Gunshots! so I've been running with Headfones most of the time. Well my Old and Trusty Sony Studio Cans finally are on their last leg and I have to crank up the Volume to Full just to barely be-able to hear Skyrim or Crysis or what ever.

    Well today while I was out and about paying Bills and Picking up stuff, general normal Day to Day BS I ran across a store selling a Pair of Razer Kracken's well needless to say I grabbed them and asked 'How Much?" which I was told $30 including Tax! I dam near ripped my Pants off trying to get my Wallet out! Hell I can buy that Pizza another night!

    Razer Kracken Pro:, Literally Blow Beat's Audio out of the Solar System with Sound but that's not saying much because a $19 pair of RCA Junk Headphones sound better than any Beat's Audio out there anyway.... When I plugged these in I almost had to get a new set of Hearing aides or new Eardrums because at a 100% they are so loud my Wife can Hear them upstairs! well I tested them and then got the bright idea of trying out Razer Surround:, since I already have Synaps for my Deathadder and Blackwidow. I gotta say Razer Surround really works! even if it's Virtual Surround, it almost sounds as good as my Speaker Setup! One thing that also surprised me was the Pre-Loaded configuation for just about all of Razer's Headphones and this configuation sounded just fine without even having to Calibrate it just set and go! although you can fine tune them to your personal preferences through the Calibration setup which is almost as easy as listening to a sound and moving a dial a little.

    Here's a New Shot of my Desk with my new Toy's and remember that the Deathadder Mouse is 3 to 4 years old now and still works as good as the day I got it!


    And before you ask Yes those are Chrome Skulls on my Desk....They are the last two People that asked me a Stupid Question!:Huh:

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    Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

    Very nice set up you got there


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      Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

      Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of what people (me, you and others) have to adapt when wallets are thin.


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        Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

        Nice setup bud..:what:

        Got me drooling..

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          Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

          once in a while somethings fall into place, grtz on the good luck you had :imsohappy:

          World of Warcraft Alliance Guild
          "NCIS Stormwind" 12 X LvL 110's on Bronzebeard EU


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            Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

            Ah three monitors are always freaking awesome, great setup. Thanks for share.


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              Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!


              Awesome beloved Brother ! Love it - and be also happy, that I am not the only crazy one with 3 Monitors, haha ! :crazy1::imsohappy:

              Be always blessed and happy !


              Be all blessed, be mindful, be confident and be happy.
              Be peaceful & in love with your next - it is YOU. Teach forgiveness.
              Your will will be done. What you give, you will receive.


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                Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

                Very nice setup! BTW, what were the names of those two people?:wacko2:


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                  Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

                  well i've 4 4k so ni big deal..


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                    Re: Ahh So Sweet the Sound!

                    Amazing gaming desk !!! I wish I could have your setup. Just bought a new gaming system and monitor. Now I need a desk and 2 more monitors :JC-ROFL: