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Shhhhhh! Quiet that keyboard!

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  • Shhhhhh! Quiet that keyboard!

    For those that have Mechanical Keyboards the klackity klak that they make might be music to your ears buy others around you might have a problem with them if you type a lot. Take heart there is a soulution that comes from WAYYYYY back with the Famouse IBM Keyboards of yester year....some of you out there maynot remember those oldies but those that do of us Seinors might also remember how well they worked and that they had Full Keyboard N-Key Rollover and no such thing as Ghosting but then they discovered that you can use the same Technology as the Atari Game Consoles and create a Keyboard from a Rubber Like substance with Carbon Coating at the Contact points to make an almost silent keyboard and so the membrane keyboards were born! Oh how I hated them but when you can get one for a measly $5 versus $200 for an IBM version plus your Spouse don't yell at you for trying to work from home well the trade off seemed goooooood! WRONG!

    Well now to the point! with all mechanical Keyboards you can pop off the keys and install a Neopreane or Rubber O-Ring. What this does is for those of us that have mashed keys for so long on a Membrane Keyboard we are constanly bottoming out the keys and that's a lot worse that the Klickity Klack of he switches...So the O-Ring stops the keys from bottoming out. The other thing it does is lessen the travel of the plunger with the wider O-Rings to stop the Click of the switch after it makes full contact thus resulting in no click to a slight click.
    Or you can just buy a Keyboard made up with Cherry Brown Switches and have no click at all but you'll still have the bottoming out problem.

    There are many places that sell these O-Rings just ggogle them up and the nice thing is you might even get a Kiss from the you other half for letting her sleep while you Kill that I mean burn the Midnight oil on the Report due tommorow.

    PEACE and happy Banging!

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    Re: Shhhhhh! Quiet that keyboard!

    Great information, thanks:good2:


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      Re: Shhhhhh! Quiet that keyboard!

      Thanks for the info my friend :good2:


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        Re: Shhhhhh! Quiet that keyboard!

        Nice thread,that is really great info.
        Thank you.


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          Re: Shhhhhh! Quiet that keyboard!

          Great info my friend. I have a V-K70 and actually was looking for a solution to this problem. As far it does not impair the response of the keyboard.
          Going to get some rings and experiment.
          Thanks a lot.
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            Re: Shhhhhh! Quiet that keyboard!

            Amazing ! I never knew that you could do that. Noise never bothered me lol