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Dead island: Riptide hints/tips

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  • Dead island: Riptide hints/tips

    Duplicating items and weapons
    -Reach a checkpoint, then drop the items you want to duplicate onto the ground near where the checkpoint was triggered. Next, die nearby. After dying, you will see a respawn counter. Load the checkpoint before the counter finishes. You will reappear at the checkpoint. The items dropped at the checkpoint will be there on the ground, and those items will also be in your inventory. Pick up the duplicated items, and repeat the process as many times as desired.

    -Equip the weapon you want to duplicate from your inventory, then hold RT, and press LT to throw the weapon. When the weapon is in mid-air, press Back to enter the inventory screen. Unequipped the weapon you threw, exit the inventory screen, and pick up the weapon you threw. Go back into your inventory to see the weapon has been duplicated. Repeat this process as many times as desired

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    Infinite experience and money

    -When you first enter Halai Village in Chapter 3, you can talk to Houston on the first floor of the trader's building to activate the "Kill The Pain" side quest. Then, every time you give Houston painkillers, you will get XP and money. He will stay in Halai, even while the survivor party moves inland and towards Henderson. Use the "Duplicating items and weapons" cheat to duplicate as many painkillers as desired. Give them to Houston for easy XP and money.

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    (Note: This glitch requires that two side mission are activated.)

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