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  • Tips/Hints Crysis 3 HINTS

    Search the indicated locations to find all 25 Nanosuit upgrade kits. Note: Scan with your visor often to mark nearby Nanosuit upgrade kits.

    Mission 2: Welcome To The Jungle
    -During a Nanosuit malfunction while on your way out of the facility, Psycho will point out an upgrade kit. The first four Nanosuit upgrade kits cannot be missed.
    -Proceed through the jungle until you get an optional objective to destroy a CELL pod.Destroy the CELL pod past the crumbling highway to find an upgrade kit.
    -While exploring the train station, an objective marker will appear over a zipline. Use the zipline, then turn right, and explore the train car to find the upgrade kit.

    Mission 3: The Root Of All Evil
    -While go towards a large dam early in the mission, there will be a bunker on the left with alarm lights. Go through the open doors, and "destroy" the CELL pod to find an upgrade kit.
    -An upgrade kit is inside the far northern tower of the dam, inside a generator room behind a series of terminals.
    -After leaving the dam, you will get an optional waypoint leading to a crashed helicopter. Go to the location to find an upgrade kit in the wreckage.
    -Past the previous module, defeat the CELL squad, then look for an underwater cave path just beyond. Inside the cave is a path leading to the right with more items, and an upgrade kit.
    -Behind the huge dome-shaped facility is a pool of water with an upgrade kit below the surface.
    -Search for a blue building on the catwalks around the very center of the CELL facility to find an upgrade kit.

    Mission 4: Safeties Off
    -While going through the Chinese market at the beginning of the mission, you will pass a CELL resupply cache on the second level of a destroyed building. Look inside to find an upgrade kit on a counter.
    -After going up a flight of stairs to reach the zipline marked as your primary objective, explore the open doorway to the left to find an upgrade kit on a table inside.
    -Inside the CELL lab facility, look for a small blue supply shack attached to the center ring of catwalks to find an upgrade kit.
    -After going down the stairs to meet Psycho on the bottom floor of the lab, you will pass by a room on your right with an upgrade kit hanging on a wall, just after exiting the stairwell.

    Mission 5: Red Star Rising

    -To the right of the large tube that acts as a bridge across the rooftops, jump up to the roof on the right, and drop through the ceiling to find an upgrade kit.
    -While in the open, search behind a building before reaching the Ceph objective to find an upgrade kit in a small clearing.
    -When you reach some destroyed vehicles (right after Claire's distress call), look near one of the destroyed APCs to find an upgrade kit.
    -When you get the optional objective to destroy the Command Center defense system, look under the catwalks at the base to find an upgrade kit.

    Mission 6: Only Human
    -An upgrade kit can be found at a CELL ammo cache just pass your first objective.-On the way to destroy the second Ceph aerial defenses, scan often to find an upgrade kit and ammo cache.
    -Complete the first secondary objective to find an upgrade kit inside a nearby cave.
    -An upgrade kit is inside a crashed VTOL, which is set as your second optional objective.

    Mission 7: Gods And Monsters
    -When entering the Ceph sections of the underground, you will pass through a narrow corridor with a small alcove above and a CELL ammo box on the ledge. Scan and check the ledge to find the final upgrade kit.

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    Thank you, but this is better way where to look:
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      Originally posted by Lamia View Post
      Thank you, but this is better way where to look:
      I didn't search on YT,I totally forgot it,but Thank you I will put the video into thread.


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        More great stuff thanks