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Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.11.1 to v1.12.1 Patch

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  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.11.1 to v1.12.1 Patch


    - Added truck and trailer browsers
    - Added support for color balance&saturation tweaks to the photo mode
    - Added support for camera roll to the photo mode
    - Added cargo group filter to the job selection screens (e.g. in top left corner of the screen). Requires new attributes we added to game_data.sii so if you have a modded version without those attributes, it will not work.
    - Added missing straps texture
    - Better messages are shown when removable DLC is missing instead of using the message originally intended for MODs
    - Enabling news on the profile page using the "Enable news" button will also load them
    - Fixed visualization of the initially selected button on the mirrors adjuster
    - Fixed speed limits in UK
    - Fixed calculation of vehicle bounding box
    - Fixed crash in delivery log if city is missing as result of mod removal
    - Game will try to fix game time when it is too far behind during game load as the result of use of the MP mod
    - Workaround for possible hang in the truck configurator in profile which was broken by the MP mod
    - Set cargo weights for AI trailers
    - Removed calcium cargo
    - Removed reference to non-existing animation
    - Updated localization
    - Updated credits

    Size: 12.86MB

    Download link -

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    Re: Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.11.1 to v1.12.1 Patch

    I have that game and gonna try it now, thank you.