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Stalker: Call of pripyat 3gb ram patch

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  • Stalker: Call of pripyat 3gb ram patch

    For all versions: I am releasing this application as I have found that it may help with crashing and performance issues with Stalker-COP, particularly when using the larger MOD some like 'Call of Pripyat Complete v1.0.2Advanced option',Reloaded and so on. Preamble: It is a good practice to specify large-address-aware for 32-bit applications (such as Stalker-COP), by using the linker flag /LARGEADDRESSAWARE, *even if the application is not intended for a 64-bit platform*, because of the advantages that are gained at no cost. Enabling this large-address-aware flag for software allows a 32-bit program to access more memory .In general, enabling the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag is a good practice, which is not enabled in Stalker-COP. That is what this utility does; it adds makes Stalker-COP 'large-address-aware'. However. you also need to enable the '3gb switch' (except in Vista or win7 64 bit). MOre just readthe 'READ ME.TXT'

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    DOWNLOAD IT HERE::JC_link:(Click on LINK)