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  • WarFrame

    EXCELLENT game, with epic graphics. One does not have to spend a dime to be good. EVERYTHING can be farmed, so no money is needed. REALLY fun, 3rd person view, but its not like your typical 3rd person view, it is way different than normal. One would have to try it to see what I am talking about. The game is mostly played by adults, obviously there are a few kiddies here & there, but not many. Best game I've played in years. Shooter based, with skills, melee attacks, mods, so much more to it.

    ***EDIT***The game is also on PS4, but it is play for free for PC. I must stress the graphics are amazing. The video of game play does no justice, in game is hundred times better.***EDIT***

    Windows based.
    About 2g DL give or take.

    Video of game play.
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    Re: WarFrame

    fun game but long grind


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      thanks man
      you weren't kidding about the graphics
      heard of the game before but never looked into it


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        Try it out. The gameplay is very fluid and the only thing that is a grind now is that ****ing Volt Prime warframe.