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  • TERA free to play online

    Free to paly online Tera.

    Tera (also known as Terra: 2120 or Terra: Battle for the Outland) was one of the internet's original Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, debuting in early 1996 from Kaon interactive.

    Watch Tera gameplay


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    Re: TERA free to play online

    thank for share bro

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      Re: TERA free to play online

      You have to love free stuff :JC-ROFL: thanks


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        Re: TERA free to play online

        I remember 1996! A lot of things were going on then. The Internet was still in Major Growing Pains, The Bottom Fell out of some very Lucrative Online Money Scams...errr I mean Businesses, Netscape was a Major Browser, and not much in the way of Massive Online Multilayer anything but Quake, Final Fantasy, Unreal, Descent, among a few others were all trying to get into online gaming in one way or another but it was only up to 8 people max connecting to a Dedicated Server some where out there in a Corporate Server Farm.

        Gaming was in it's infancy back then and nobody knew how to hook up more than 8 people at a time because of Compute and Video Card power plus the programming wasn't created yet to handle MMO's so Terra Flopped....I can't believe their still trying to get it a go after all of these years and the failures plus ones like WoW which is now dieing fast finally!