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Valve commissioned alpha version of Dota 2 Workshop Tools menu

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  • Valve commissioned alpha version of Dota 2 Workshop Tools menu

    Although Workshop Tools available only since yesterday, modder already impressed with the accessibility options provided by the new tools for developing maps and modes.

    Dota 2 from yesterday has a new set of tools to create, share and play custom maps and mods. What is even more important in this story is that the modder quite impressed with the tools, although this is just an alpha version of the same.

    Since this version of Workshop Tools menu geared toward developers, system requirements are currently quite high, but Valve says it will soon all be able to play with them. To start it is necessary to have a 64-bit Windows and Direct3D 11 graphics card, but future updates will include a number of different configurations and will make the whole thing easier to use.

    One of the new features related to the possibility of subscribing to modes of one or more authors for downloading the latest updates.

    Jicyphex, one of the veterans in the mod scene, said: "This is the best upgrade in the history of Dota second Thanks a lot Valve. Can not wait to get our entire network cast on this beast. This is a historic moment. For a few years we will look back and say - this is where it all started, this has enabled IP X and Y autonomously game possible. this is final proof why Dota 2 went so far. this is proof why Dota very popular nowadays
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