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GTA 5 shipped 34 million copies, more than all 2K games together

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  • GTA 5 shipped 34 million copies, more than all 2K games together

    Although the publishing company Take-Two Interactive, under which the 2K Games, in the previous quarter had no new games, successfully lived to Celebrates Grand Theft Auto 5th

    Publishing House Take-Two has announced the results of its operations for the second quarter of this year. The company recorded a loss of 35.4 million dollars, but it's actually a step forward for the same period last year was twice as big minus. Moreover, it is also a success for the quarter between April and June this year did not have any new games.

    The greatest profits, of course, pulled the Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA with its online component. It has been reported that Rockstar game delivered 34 million copies. It is not known how many copies of the game from that number went into the hands of the players themselves, and how exactly is the number of copies sold. However, it is not that important because GTA 5 already set a record for best-selling PS3 / X360 games, the best-selling games GTA series as well as the best-selling game of 2013. And imagine, yet to be released in the worked versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC One!

    The rest of the earnings for Take-Two attracted headlines 2K Games. NBA 2K14 delivered in more than seven million copies, Borderlands 2, as the top-selling game of 2K study in ten million. BioShock Infinite is taken away in seven miles, and Civilization V at six. Interestingly, when all the results of all four games combined, again no more than an impressive 34 million Grand Theft Auto 5th

    Looking ahead, Take-Two claims that he will be confident of the new, revolutionary intellectual franchise that will complement the existing ones. One of these is certainly the Team MP shooter Evolve, but together with this report came to notice about her is postponed for 2015.
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    aw thats a lot jajajaja