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Diablo 3 Auction House is closed

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    Diablo 3 Auction House is closed

    Who was selling, he could earn and who is not, will not even be able to because the auction house within Diablo 3 will cease to exist.

    The auction house , segment by many players did not come to life within Diablo 3 , ceased operations . Specifically , although you can still click on that option , it is not possible to give a new offer, to buy or to watch list Auction .

    Currently, the place of the auction house cleaning , while the active auctions last until the end of time . Items will be delivered by the players with the highest bid , or returned to the seller .

    Items and gold that has passed through the house , players will have to pick up to 24 June Blizzard says : " Cases and gold that are not picked up by this date will be consumed by the Treasure Goblins and more of them will not see . " Successful transactions involving Balance , and PayPal will be normally processed with the usual fees .

    Otherwise , even last year was announced shutdown auction house because he violated the core game . John Hight , director of production for Reaper of Souls expansion says : " It has become increasingly clear that despite the benefits of the auction house and the fact that many players use , ultimately undermines the core of the game: killing monsters in order to obtain the equipment . " For those who have forgotten , the respective expansion comes out next week .