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The Division - new screenshots and concept art

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  • The Division - new screenshots and concept art

    New screenshots and concept art for Tom Clancy's The Division determined display structure called "Zone B" and snow effects Snowdrop game engine.

    Tom Clancy's The Division has received a new screenshots and a new image igrina concept art. Screenshot showing the effects and game Snowdrop engine, and concept art showing the established structure called "Zone B" that the game serves as a very likely some kind of meeting place with friendly NPC's.


    Effects Snowdrop game engine on the following screenshots are visible through the refraction of light filtering through the clouds weather conditions and snow particles caught in motion give the impression of the importance of that time the conditions of the game.


    The Division comes in versions for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4 They still unknown to date, although there are some indications that the game market should occur by the end of the year

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    thnx for the info buddy :good2:

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