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Deus Ex: The Fall coming for PC

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  • Deus Ex: The Fall coming for PC

    So far available only for cell phones, Deus Ex: The Fall 25th March arrives on Steam at a price of 9.99 euro, with full support for PC control and a series of improvements.


    -Square Enix is on his blog confirmed the rumor about how iOS and Android title Deus Ex: The Fall arrives on PC. The publisher announced that the game will be available on Steam on 25 March, and will include full support for PC control - with a keyboard and mouse, or with the Xbox 360 game pad, the choice is yours. For this PC port you will have to pay 9.99 euros and if prednaručite, get Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition for free.

    -Deus Ex: The Fall initially launched on the Apple App Store on July 11 for $6.99. It went live on Google Play for Android devices on Jan. 22 for $6.99, after being pulled from the store briefly following an "issue" with the game.

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    Re: Deus Ex: The Fall coming for PC

    Well it's about Time! I didn't get it on my Galaxy S3 because I won't let google have my CC Number (They already have too much info on me as it is)....Well another game goes into my whis list till my wife say's I can have it....probably next Christmas with the Steam Sale!...:OMG:


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      Re: Deus Ex: The Fall coming for PC

      for the share Dragan

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